A basic guide to registering an account and getting started.

We have hundreds of new surveys available each day from our inventory and from our providers.
To get started, create an account here if you have not done so already.
Once you have an account go to the Pagazani.com login page here.
Enter your Pagazani member details to log into your Pagazani account.
Once you are in the member dashboard, Choose "Surveys" from the main menu and fill out your profile.
When answering Surveys, read each survey question carefully and answer the survey questions truthfully.
Do not speed through the surveys. Do not share details of surveys with anyone online.
Once you have completed the survey, your reward will be displayed in your Pagazani account.

In addition to surveys we have partnered with a variety of advertisers and sponsors which we will display as offers.
When attempting these offers, make sure you follow the instructions of the offer to be credited with your reward.
Do not do the same offers across multiple sites or more than once if the offer is listed as First Time only, such as signing up for a streaming service more than once.
When attempting offers, we recommend clearing cookies and cache regularly, as it may help with offer tracking and crediting on some devices.

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